Seven questions for Mr. Leather Netherlands 2019

That you have always wanted to ask but never got around to…

1. Why should people come and visit Leatherpride in Amsterdam?
Let me just start by saying that Amsterdam is always worth a visit. The atmosphere, the parties, the events. What makes the Leatherpride in Amsterdam extra special is the fact that it does not exclusively cater to men only. For the first time, the Netherlands will choose a Ms. Leather alongside a Mr. Leather. This is unique in Europe! You don’t just get to experience leather men, we have some stunning leather women as well! We have a jam-packed weekend prepared for every lover of leather.

2. Tell us the highlight of your year as Mr. Leather Netherlands!
One highlight? It was a rollercoaster of highlights! From appearing on Curaçaoan TV in full leather talking about fetish and PRep, initiating the introduction of PreP in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom, doing countless photoshoots, appearing in magazines, using my title to become the first ambassador of the fetish community to lay a wreath during Remembrance Day of the Dead, initiating the first ever Ms. Leather Netherlands contest, meeting the Minister-Plenipotentiary of Curaçao to talk about LGBT-rights and HIV/aids, and of course visiting all the great pride events that the Netherlands has to offer. People in places like Meppel and Geldrop have been absolutely amazing!

3. Are there also downsides to being a Mister?
Downsides, it’s not always been easy for my partner, but I’m happy he always supports me. Also, you cannot please everybody and you cannot be everywhere at the same time.

4. How can candidates become the next Mister Leather Netherlands?
Make sure you have a good plan and new ideas. You have to consider that this is not a title to satisfy your ego. A lot is expected from you from the community and it takes a lot of time. If you think you have what it takes, don’t forget to sign up and don’t forget to prepare a good act!

5. Will you be running for Mr. Leather Europe?
I am officially a candidate for Mr. Leather Europe 2020 which will be held in Rome, Italy in October. I’m quite excited about it, I hope I can make the Netherlands proud. Dutchies, fingers crossed!

6. We have seen beautiful pictures of you and the first ever Ms. Leather, what can you tell us about this?
I actually initiated the Ms. Leather Netherlands contest with a couple of power women. I am very proud of Suus as an ambassador for Dutch leather women. She is doing an excellent job!

7. Tell us your best kept leather secret shstttt…
My best-kept secret, I tried purchasing some leather from Pakistan once. Cheap, but I ended up having a horrible experience. I always find it best to support our local stores and entrepreneurs.

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