Founded in 2018 by a group of enthusiast Dutch leather men, amongst whom Mr. Leather Netherlands 2018 and Mr Leather Europe 2017. Leather Friends Netherlands aims to reactivate and bring together the Dutch leather Community. Existing leather clubs like Bluf and the Motorcycleclub Amsterdam are backing or have joined our initiative.

We are a non-commercial  group with the aim to put Amsterdam back on the leather and fetish map. There seems to be a surge in leather in The Netherlands and we want to use the momentum.

Amsterdam is well positioned in Europe with a large amount of men with an interest in leather and fetish living in the city or within a relative short distance of it. Amsterdam also has a group of active entrepreneurs a tradition of freedom and tolerance. Amsterdam has been the birthplace of the leather scene in Europe.

Seven questions for Mr. Axe

Mr. Leather Netherlands 2019 on how YOU can become the next Mister!

“Make sure you have a good plan and new ideas. You have to consider that this is not a title to satisfy your ego. A lot is expected from you from the community and it takes a lot of time.”

Photographer: RenĂ© Zuiderveld.

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